Amazon Luna | Review & First Impression

Amazon Luna

Today we will talk about Amazon Luna. This is a service that appeared recently and I found out about it a few weeks ago. I wanted to try it, and here we are!

First of all, to access Amazon Luna you must request access on the official website.

Amazon Luna Early Access

It took about 2 weeks to receive the email to find out that I was accepted. After that, I had to choose a subscription that I want.

Luna Pricing

I chose the first plan, ‘luna+‘ that also offers a 7-day trial. It’s good that it offers a trial, but it seems very short to me, and besides that the application is still in BETA. Amazon says in the email you receive after you are accepted that they need your feedback. In 7 days I don’t think you can find any improvements to a service.

Cloud Gaming Luna Welcome Text

I installed Amazon Luna on Windows and I was surprised by a thing.

Luna Profiles

Similar to Netflix, Luna allows you to create multiple profiles. If multiple people want to play on the same Amazon Luna account, the progress of a game will not be transferred from one profile to another.

Like Google Stadia, games will run on certain settings that you can not change.

The collection of games is quite limited. I played 20 minutes of Control and encountered some problems with the input lag, but this is because of the connection.

Currently, you can play at 1080p60fps. 4K will come soon and I don’t know exactly when.

The Conclusion

It deserves a try, I am curious to see how this service will evolve in the future. I think this ‘Netflix for games’ has a lot of potential. Considering that it also offers access to Ubisoft+, I think it’s better than Google Stadia.

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