Intel’s Rocket Lake going ‘to the moon’ | 98°C Stress Test

Intel Core Rocket Lake

A stress test was recently done on the new Intel’s Rocket Lake i9-11900k. After 30 minutes of stress test in AIDA64, this processor was at 98 degrees Celsius with a consumption of 250W.

Intel Core i9-11900k running at 98 degrees, Stress Test in AIDA64.

The test was performed by an user on Chiphell. From the image, we see that the processor runs at 4.8 GHz and with a fairly high voltage, 1.4V. The cooler used is a 360mm AIO, but I don’t know exactly which model.

Why is the new Intel’s Rocket Lake processor at 98 degrees in a stress test? This is due to the fact that the processor is at a fairly high voltage and in addition, it is a 14nm processor.

However, I think Intel still has work to do. If a 360mm AIO is not enough for this processor, it means that it absolutely needs liquid cooling. Intel has promised that on the next generation of processors, Alder Lake, we will see 10nm CPUs.

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