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I’m DragosDAS, the one who plays Tryndamere on top, the one who owns DASBot and the one who writes reviews on different things. It depends on where you’re looking for me.

Seriously, I’m DragosDAS, Early Verified Bot Developer on Discord, working from 2018 on DASBot. I started this project in the summer of 2018. I wanted to create a bot that has everything a normal user wants. Most of the popular Discord Servers were adding 10 bots to have everything they needed.

It took a long time for everything to be stable. Until August 2020, I didn’t do any advertising, DAS had around 300 servers at that moment. After we were sure, we started advertising the bot. That’s the moment when DAS in a week went from 300 servers to 700.

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After reaching 700 servers, I started working on commands for League of Legends. I wanted to help League of Legends players stop looking for information about their account on different sites.

!summoner command

In my opinion, I think we managed to do this. We did the same thing for Fortnite players, CS:GO players and for osu! players.


We have more projects for the future, you know the rule “from gamers to gamers”. Also, if you don’t use DASBot, just give it a try, trust me!

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