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Google Stadia

After a few months since the Google Stadia service appeared, a few days ago it officially appeared in my home country. I wanted to try this service to see how good it is, if it’s worth the amount of 9 per month and if this is the future of gaming.
First of all, when creating the account on Stadia, you will benefit from a 30-day trial, in which you can test the available games. Also, your library can consist of games that are offered Free on Stadia, but you can only play them on Stadia. Some of the most popular titles I’ve seen here are Dead by Daylight, PUBG, HITMAN, Hello Neighbor with Secret Neighbor and Sniper Elite 4.
Remember that you need a very good connection to be able to play games at a very high quality.
720p uses 4.5GB / hour, 1080p uses 12.6GB / hour and 4K 20GB / hour
At the same time, Stadia offers an option to stream on YouTube the game you’re currently playing.

Graphics Settings on PUBG

In the picture above you can see that there is no graphic setting, the game running at the settings given by Stadia.
I didn’t feel any Input Lag and I played with a controller. You can play with any controller, it is not necessary to use the one from Stadia.

Also, I tested this service on Android without a controller. Everything works fine as long as you use a 5GHz WI-FI.

Google Stadia running on Android

The application also contains a system of achievements, similar to Steam. You can add friends who also have Stadia and play a lot of Multiplayer games with them.

The conclusion

Use it if…

You’re a gamer with 100Mbps (or better) internet
Stadia is a streaming service, obviously, and therefore largely depends on factors like how fast your internet connection.

You’re tired of downloads, updates and expensive hardware
Games are fully updated on Stadia’s servers, you’ll never see another download screen again.

Don’t use it if…

You’re an ultra-competitive gamer looking for a new platform
Stadia is blazing fast on 100+Mbps connections, but it’s never going to outpace playing the game locally on your PC.

You don’t want to buy the games from their platform

For real, if you decide to cancel the subscription, you can’t play the games you bought on the platform.

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