Sony discontinues the PlayStation 4 in Japan

PlayStation 4 slim

Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 Standard and Pro will no longer be produced in Japan. Only one variant remains available, the PlayStation 4 Slim with 500GB.

This decision was made to increase sales of the PlayStation 5. So far, the move has only been announced in Japan, and it’s unclear whether Sony’s western arms will follow suit. I don’t know if I would be happy if they would do this action in all regions.

However, it would not surprise me. The retail price of a PlayStation 4 Pro is $399, just like the PlayStation 5 Digital Version and we know that Sony wants to switch completely to PlayStation 5 until 2023.

Even if the days of the Pro and Standard models are numbered, we could still benefit from what PS4 services have to offer at least until 2022, so that the new games to be released will be compatible with the last-gen hardware.

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